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Manufacturing & Fabrication

IEP Automation Is Moving Manufacturing Into The Future.

IEP Automation is your expert partner in implementing and improving automation in your manufacturing facility. Our team can work with you to design, build, and install custom machinery, equipment, and components such as servos, PLC's, touch screens, variable frequency drives, and more - all centered on the specific needs of our clients. We are also trained to work on Universal Robots. Our automation solutions can help you streamline your manufacturing processes to increase efficiency and reduce costs as the manufacturing industry becomes ever more complex and challenging.

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Looking for IEP Metals?

IEP Metals provides various metals, roofing, siding, trim and accessories for residential and commercial applications. Our products are available for any project from the DIY customer to the construction and commercial industry professional. We pride ourselves on preparing accurate, customized quotes quickly so you can keep your project moving.

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Two IEP Automation workers wearing protective hard hats in a production facility and discussing Universal Robots.

Design Services

Custom industrial design solutions.

Our expert engineers design and fabricate custom industrial solutions across industries and applications. Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and techniques, we ensure each component is customized to meet our partners' specific needs and built to the highest quality standards.

IEP Automation employee wearing bright reflective safety clothing sitting in from of a machine.

Onsite Service

Our onsite services include equipment installation, repair, maintenance, and training. Convenient onsite service saves clients' time and money by eliminating the need to transport equipment to a separate location for repairs or maintenance and reducing the risk of downtime.

IEP Plan Awareness

It’s not a matter of “If a Component Fails” it’s a matter of “When a Component Fails.”

What will you do? Who do you call How long will you be down? And how much production will be lost when it happens?

Our comprehensive Plan Awareness service provides a game plan to maintain and fix the crucial components that keep your business running. Having Plan Awareness ensures speedy conversion or replacement of broken or outdated components, and keeps your business running smoothly.

Our Plan Awareness services include:

Initial Evaluation

  • Our standard service includes:
    • Recording all major component panels, their locations, and location of all operator stations
    • Recording all major components within major panels such as:
      • PLC, HMI, VFD, Ethernet Switch, Displays, Temperature Controllers, Smart Relays, and Unique Items
    • Reviewing overall condition of panels and hardware with visual inspection of all hardware in panels
    • Taking pictures of all panels to record their condition
    • Talking with maintenance staff and operators to learn your system(s), including its history and service routine
    • A detailed inspection report with recommendations per outcome of inspection
    • A recommended spare parts list and why they are suggested
  • Optional services (if equipped) include:
    • Discover and record VFD parameters and Unique Item(s) code
    • Recover PLC code, HMI code, and display code
    • Provide a life status of existing hardware
    • Provide hardware replacement suggestions for obsolete hardware

Ongoing monthly or quarterly care visits include:

  • Inspecting major panels and operator stations for changes or new issues
  • Informing your facility of any change in hardware life status
  • Talking with your maintenance personnel and operators to learn about any new issues or desires
  • Meeting with your management for general discussion
  • Providing a thorough inspection report

The Plan Awareness Process

Plan Awareness ensures your electrically controlled systems are continually monitored, supporting the overall health of your business. This awareness minimizes downtime and increases productivity through continual performance enhancements.

Phase 1: Introductory Conversation

  • We will meet with you to discuss how the Plan Awareness system works, how the program may benefit your organization, and schedule a time to visit your facility.

Phase 2: No-Cost Facility Evaluation Visit

  • We will come to your facility to perform a high-level walkthrough with someone from your organization to document and get more information on what equipment you would like included in your Plan Awareness partnership.
  • Our team will use that information to formulate a proposal for our initial evaluation.

Phase 3: Initial Evaluation

  • After the proposal is agreed up, our team will visit your facility to perform their initial evaluation as outlined above.
  • Files will be generated and all the recorded information will be made available you.
  • We will create a finalized contract and cost for the ongoing Plan Awareness system based on your specific equipment and needs, and provide it for your review. (Please note: The actual system cost cannot be provided until the initial evaluation is performed and recorded so all hardware is known.)

Phase 4: (Optional) Optimized Evaluation

  • If there are any major items for which we recommend storing parameters and programs for future repairs and optimizations, we will discuss them at this time.
  • If you choose to move forward with any of these recommendations, we will provide an additional estimate before retrieving and filing this information.
    • This is typically a one-time fee and the files are stored for the duration of our relationship. The cost can broken out into payments if desired.

Get started with a Plan Awareness Assessment today!

Call us at 417-429-9060 or contact us to get your Plan Awareness Assessment started, at no cost to you!